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                                     ~Of Heroes and Pantaloons</b>~
“…shua.” He batted away at whatever it was nudging at his side. He was so tired, and whatever wanted his attention would just have to wait –
“Joshua!” The gentle nudging turned into a full fledged shake, and with a slight moan, the blond forced his eyes open, instantly being met with the dark green eyes of his best friend.
“-atthew, what do you want?” He mumbled, wiping the sleep from his eyes. Forcing himself up, he looked at the surroundings. “What? Where are we?”
“Dunno. Last I remember is goin’ into the hotel room, then I woke up here and you were still passed out.” He knelt closer to the younger, “speaking of which, you feelin’ ok?”
:iconskobicus:Skobicus 2 16
Birthright Ch. 2
~Fervent Wishes~
I awoke with a start, feeling a chill wind blowing against my still damp hair. It had stopped raining a short while ago judging by the grass. Just how long have we been out here?
Carefully moving my shoulder from under Eliwood, I stand up, stretching out my sore muscles. I notice my clothing is still damp, but I really don’t mind. It actually feels somewhat refreshing.
Deciding to let Eliwood rest a little longer, I sit down to admire the view I wanted to last night. It really is breathtaking. The stars seem to add to the mysterious beauty of this place. Wait a minute…stars?
We’ve been here longer than I thought. Better head back before the others get worried, if they weren’t already. Walking over towards Eliwood, I shake him lightly, hoping to jostle him from his sleep.
He moans slightly, but still doesn’t wake up. It’s then I notice that his face is flushed, and that beads of sweat are collecting along his temples and cheeks.
Resting my
:iconskobicus:Skobicus 4 5
Cow...kinda by Skobicus Cow...kinda :iconskobicus:Skobicus 1 23
I wandered around the camp trying to ignore all of the conversations going on. All I wanted to notice was the red hair.
"Hey, Lyndis! Have you seen Eliwood anywhere?" I could tell by her reaction that she hadn't even before she gave me an answer.
"No, I haven't. But if I see him I'll send him in your direction." Judging by her expression, she is also worried about Eliwood. Hell, everyone is. We couldn't even begin to imagine what he was going through.
Nodding my thanks, I continue my search. I was getting worried, no one had since him since we set up camp hours ago. There wasn't too many places one could hide with so many companions toiling about.
Mark had suggested we leave him alone right now, but I can't bear to see him this way. I wanted to comfort him, to tell him that it's not his fault.
At least I don't think it was…No, of course not.
We had always been there to protect each other, to fight the other's battles. Even as children Eliwood would save me in a battle of the wits, whil
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Aww yeah!!
Current Residence: Winnipeg
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything
MP3 player of choice: IPOD touch
Favourite cartoon character: Joshua!!
Personal Quote: Aww yeah!
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  • Watching: Arrested Development
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Wow been way too long since I've posted anything here. I'll start with the newest first, and work my way down.

I've decided to go back to school!! I'm so excited! Can't wait to get out of this loser town and start a new life! If I can sell my house in time, I plan on starting the new semester in January! If not, then I have to wait until September. I'll be going into psychology.

I'm going to be moving in with my brother and his girlfriend, and I get along with both of them just fine. The only downside to this is that I can't take all of my pets. Originally I was only allowed to take three (I have five in total. Two dogs, three cats), but I managed to talk my way up into four. So my little dog Cassie is going to be staying with my mother. I'll miss her so much! But at least I know she'll be going to a caring, loving home.

Corporate is pretty sad I'm leaving. Apparently they've had their eyes on me for the last year or so, and were the ones who arranged for me to go to all of the training courses I took recently (there's been a lot). While I have to admit that the corporate business world would be so much fun and so incredibly fast paced (I love that!), I just feel that it's time for a change. And the thought of having to work at my store for any longer just isn't appealing anymore. The new boss (bought the place last December) is a real sweetheart, but an idiot. He has no idea how to run a store, plus it seems I'm the only manager that actually gets any work done.

I think the biggest heartbreak for me their was having to watch the ordering/inventory program fall right apart when another guy took it over from me. I invested so many hours into it to! My food cost was outstanding, and all of the stockrooms were always so spotless (very hard in a fast food place!). I took so much pride in what I did!
But then they put me on scheduling instead (to teach me new stuff), and the manager that took over didn't give a damn! We constantly ran out of several products at the same time (very embarrassing to say we can't sell any fries!!) and the stockrooms were so overstocked with stuff we almost never used that it was a hazard to do into them. I'm not exaggerating!! So the boss decided to give me back ordering since I could actually do it, and now I've gotta start from worse than scratch to have them looking nice again!

Last September I had to put my cat Skitten down. Turns out she had feline leukemia :'(. Extremely sad. She was so stupid but so loveable. She was 7 years old, and according to my vet that's completely unheard of. She mentioned that with proper medication people are lucky to see a cat with leukemia reach four or five years old. Once she past my other cat Pixel went into a depression, so I ended up getting another cat to give her a playmate. Unfortunately the cat rescued (I will never buy from a petstore) looked almost identical to Ski, and I didn't notice until about a day after.

It was unfortunate, but all I could do was resent the new guy (Soren). Everytime I so much as looked at him all I could think of was my poor Ski-Baby (her nickname). Getting rid of him wasn't an option for me, because him and Pixel bonded right away and I didn't feel right about giving him up after I made the commitment. Thankfully within the last couple of months I no longer see Skitten in him, and I have to say I've never seen an animal with more character. He's a little dollie and he's such so much fun! I'm so glad I stuck it out!

Also last Christmas I ended up falling in love with a stray I found near my place, and with it being the middle of winter I brought him inside. Pixel and Soren fell in love with him in about half an hour, so two then became three. Poe became a member of the family. I have never seen any animals bond so well that weren't from the same litter. All three of them are inseperable!

I had a roommate all of last year, and living with him was one of the worst times of my life. He was lazy, irresponsible, and a total slob! He never cleaned, and would come and go at random hours of the night, several times forgetting to lock the door, and one time he didn't even close the door! Took me two hours to find all the animals!

The final straw was when he invited one of his friends over that I specifically asked him not to have over. I didn't like her, and something about her just didn't seem trustworthy. Turns out my three hundred dollar ipod also went missing that night. See the connection? I  tore apart the Entire house looking for it, and to this day it hasn't turned up.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the heart to just kick him out. So I went all 'roommate from hell', and he moved out not even a month later! Nice to have the place to myself again! The house is clean (enough, anyway), and I don't have to worry about the safety of my pets anymore, since I know I lock the door and don't leave the dryer or oven on when I leave the house.

I think that's really all of the major events from the past year or so for me. I'll try to update more often so as to not have such long entries. ;p

One last thing. Get the game Catherine. So addictingly fun and messed up!


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